We develop end-to-end
mobile and web applications
with the most innovative
technologies in Nextlua

We develop end-to-end
mobile and web applications
with the most innovative
technologies in Nextlua

  • Moov
  • Çelik Motor
  • Getir
  • İkinciyeni
  • Kiwi
  • Anadolu Grubu
  • LTB
  • Jato
  • World Government Summit
  • Isuzu - A globally recognized leader in commercial vehicles and diesel engine manufacturing.

Our priority is to produce innovative and flexible solutions for the technological needs of our customers. We use the latest technologies in the projects we develop, and we adopt modern design principles.

GetirAraç (MOOV)

Next-generation Vehicle Rental

We are working together in all software and design processes for MOOV, which takes the next-generation vehicle rental experience to a different level.

GetirAraç (MOOV)

Second Hand Vehicle Sales and Auction System

We are developing the web and mobile applications of ikinciyeni.com, which offers online auction and vehicle trading services to its users with the assurance of Anadolu Group and the experience of Çelik Motor. In addition, we contribute to the growth of the product by using our experience in the automotive industry in business development processes.


E-Scooter Mobile App

We provide support in software processes for the Kiwi e-scooter application operating in Eastern Europe.


Our Services.

We design interfaces and user experiences for web and mobile applications by using user and human-oriented design methodologies. We combine the produced designs with backend service & architectural development services supported by up-to-date technologies.


We provide process analysis and business development consultancy by understanding the goals you have set for your product or service.

User Experience Design

We identify your problems with user research and usability tests, we produce experience and interface ideas with the information architecture we design.

User Interface Design

Using general design principles, we design stylish and user-friendly interfaces suitable for your brand identity.

Backend Service and Architectural Development

We ensure the scalable growth of your product or service with powerful software & cloud solutions optimized for your business goals.

Web Application Development

Our experienced and dynamic team which uses up-to-date technologies, we develop SEO-oriented, optimized and user-friendly responsive web applications for all devices

Mobile Application Development

We develop user-oriented Native & Cross-Platform (iOS & Android) mobile applications that will help you achieve your business goals.

Our Process.
Analysis. Planning. Design. Development & QA. Publish. Maintenance and Business Development.
This step provides:
We decide which technological infrastructure, design, development and project management process we will follow by determining the goals and strategies, defining the structure and roles within the project.
Planning Stage
This step provides:
Based on the analyzed needs of the project, we prepare detailed functional descriptions of the product or service with user stories and information architecture.
This step provides:
We create usable, stylish and aesthetic interfaces that comply with usability principles and are supported by user research.
Development & QA
This step provides:
We develop and test the initial version of the software to build the product. We identify and fix any issues and bugs that are discovered.
This step provides:
We are meeting the expectations of our customers by publishing the product, which is ready for general use, to the live system.
Maintenance & Growth
This step provides:
We identify and update product-related problems and errors together with our customers. We develop new features and services in order to continue the success and growth of the product.


The technology you select for your project can significantly impact its success. At Nextlua, we have the expertise to utilize a range of frontend, backend, and mobile technologies to create successful solutions.


C#, Python, Go, Node.js
Framework & Tool
.Net, MassTransit, Hangfire, Celery, Flask, Django, aiohttp, Express, GraphQL
MongoDB, DynamoDB, CosmosDB, Firestore, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis, ELK, Microservices, OpenAPI


Swift, Objective-C
UIKit, SwiftUI, Auto Layout
Framework & Tool
Core Data, SQLite, Firebase, Firestore, Alamofire, SignalR, Socket, CoreML, WatchKit, WidgetKit, WeatherKit, MapKit, Core Location, Atlantis, Multithreading


Kotlin, Java
Compose View, Android View
Framework & Tool
SQLite, Firebase, Firestore, Retrofit, Okhttp, SignalR, Socket, JetPack, Live Data, Coroutines, Repository, Flow, Dagger Hilt, Koin, Navigation, Huawei Libraries, Mapkit, Room


CSS, JavaScript
Framework & Tool
React.js, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, GSAP, Framer Motion
Webpack, Sass, Typescript, ESLint, Prettier, Yarn


Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP
Gitlab, Jenkins, Azure DevOPS, Fastlane, Bitrise
Prometheus, Grafana, New Relic
Log Management
ELK, Graylog, Sentry, Firebase Crashalytics

UI Design

iOS, Android, Responsive Web, Smart Watch, Smart TV
Design Systems, Content Audit, UI/UX Tests, Screen Flows & Prototypes
Figma, Adobe XD, Framer, Webflow

UX Design

Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Analysis
User Interview, Focus Group, Stakeholder Interview
Usability Test
A/B Test, Card Sorting, Guerilla Testing, Five Second Test, First Click Test
Figjam, Miro
Boost your digital presence with the latest technologies, keeping ahead of your competitors.
We create, develop and have fun together.
We are passionate about the work we do, and our clients share this enthusiasm. This mutual passion creates a special connection between us and our clients and drives us to exceed expectations.

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